The lightest bag is RollJet

Fastest bag in town

Safe & heavy duty

3 wheels for better stability and a unique system with click-backpack for perfect balance

A helping hand for heavy loads

A great help which takes the load of a heavy school backpack off kids’ backs


Riding ROLLJET to school beats walking to school any day

A unique click and fold system

Easy to fold and to handle in any situation – indoor and outdoor


Made of sustainable materials to maximise performance and minimise its impact on our planet.


1. Pick Your Scooter (Based on Your Height)

The height of the T-bar on your scooter is important for safety and comfort when riding, so be sure to choose a model suitable to your height.

RollJet Mini

suitable for height

Rolljet Mini is the one with which the love of driving to school begins. For the youngest talents, for the first turns and the first few classes.

from 249,00 incl VAT

RollJet City

suitable for height

For a fun trip to school or discovering your favorite city routes. RollJet City is the best partner for all city adventures.

269,00 incl VAT

2. Pick Your Bag

We understand how important it is for your kids to choose their own preferred design, when it comes to their backpacks. This is why we have a whole lot of cool designs to choose from. Each bag is ergonomically designed, practical, spacious and made of long-lasting materials.

Air Schoolbag

from 83,30 incl VAT

Backpack B

From: 99,0099,00 incl VAT


From: 129,00129,00 incl VAT

Safari Backpack

From: 119,00119,00 incl VAT

RollJet is a no-brainer!

Choosing a school backpack just got a whole lot easier, especially if your child’s health is at the…


forefront of your mind. RollJet is an ergonomic school backpack and scooter in one. This means that it’s a backpack that is not a burden to carry, but that you can actually ride, letting the scooter bear the weight while you have all the fun. This patented, innovative backpack on wheels is the fruit of years of research and development, offering current and future generations the best system available.

Why combine a backpack and a scooter?

Heavy, clumsy backpacks weighed down by books are a thing of the past. RollJet ensures a safe, fun ride while…


carrying your bag for your child. Encouraging movement and with an ergonomic form, the combination safeguards your child against back problems due to constantly carrying those weighty backpacks. They are super lightweight and easy to attach and release from the scooter and are made of the highest quality materials and components, so there’s no need to buy new backpacks every year. These are built to last.

We put hours of effort into each component, so we believe that after the first ride with RollJet, you will no longer want to part with it. hoteli ločiti.

However, if you wish to return your RollJet, we provide free return shippment and a full refund within 30 days from the date of purchase.