Fastest bag in town



Your kids can
fly to school

Safe and fast, rolling the weight of books.


Young at Heart

Work hard,
travel nimbly

Whether you're 5 or 65, getting from A to B have never been easier, more practical or more fun.


We like to move it, 
move it


Skate scoot as quickly as your RollJet can carry you. You provide the leg power, we take care of the rest.


Travel lightly wherever life takes you. RollJet carries the weight, you just enjoy the ride.


Backpack or suitcase? Kick-scooter or skateboard? Now you can have it all: a skate scooter with a removable bag!


Unclip the backpack and kick your way around the curves. RollJet may be practical, but above all it's a super fun way to get around town!


Get yours

Don’t hesitate - customize and
order your RollJet right away!

What's it like to ride?

The experience of riding a RollJet is unique. It's better and more balanced than a normal, two-wheeled scooter, easier than a skateboard, more practical than an old-fashioned backpack. It's a new hybrid with loads of features, combining several useful and sporty tools into one superior means of transportation.

Skateboard? Yes. Kick scooter? Yes. Backpack? You betcha. Put them all together in a single, sleek package and you're looking at RollJet.


Incomparable Craftsmanship

Our team of engineers (all of them former skateboarders) has spent years developing the perfect product, and it's finally here. Incorporating top-of-the-line materials, including airplane quality components, this is a long-lasting, leg-powered vehicle that will carry you safely and swiftly wherever you need to go.

Each RollJet is handbuilt in the heart of the European Union. Quality, craftsmanship and a passion to make products that will make your life easier.  




Try Roll Jet Out in Person


You are welcome to come visit us at our showroom in Ljubljana (Gerbiceva 102), which is open from 8am until 6pm weekdays. For questions, feel free to call us at (+386) 051 677 810. Once you try out Roll Jet in person, you'll see what all the craze is about!