Where is Rolljet made?

Rolljet is made in the heart of European Union, small country called Slovenia.

What are the advantages of RollJet over other scooters.

Rolljet is on three wheels, rather than two, it is much easier to ride, so it has a far shorter adjustment period than two-wheeled scooters. It also has a more sensitive steering mechanism, for better precision and more control. Most of our customers require just a matter of minutes of riding to feel entirely comfortable.

What are the different Rolljet models available?

Visit our RJ webshop models.

What is the maximum load that a RollJet skatescooter can functionally bear?

The maximum load for normal use is 100 kg. Please keep in mind that the T-bar is meant for steering only, so do not pull or push it with too much force, as you may lose balance.

Is it possible to get spare parts, if something should break or wear out?

Yes, it is possible to get spare parts. Please contact us if you should need any.

How many years does the warranty cover?

The warranty is one year for skatescooter (bags are excluded).

My kids love their RollJets, but do you happen to know if Rolljets are permitted in schools?

They are permitted in most schools, but it depends on the individual school policy. They usually may not be ridden in the school but can be parked in the locker room and then the bag may be detached and used in the school. Alternatively, you can fold the Rolljet into rolling luggage mode (with the bag still attached), which is almost always permissible. Do ask your local school administration.

Can you use RollJet in winter?

Rolljets should not be used in inclement weather. If it is a dry, fine winter’s day, without ice on the streets, then there should be no problem.

I notice that the Rolljet bags are quite firm. Is that okay for the shoulders and back?

The bags are reinforced for quality and longevity, and to make them a solid component of the scooter, when locked into place. They are perfectly fine and comfortable when carried as a backpack, but it should be kept in mind that they are not meant for hiking or many hours of wear on the back. The bags are intended to be used when coupled with the scooter, or removed for shorter trips, like being carried around school.

My Rolljet seems to rattle a bit when I ride it. Is this normal?

There are many high-quality components in a Rolljet, and they may rattle, depending on the surfaces on which you ride. This is a normal part of a mechanical device with many components, meant to be ridden over varying surfaces. If anything bothers you over an extended period of time, do not hesitate to contact us.

Are the bags water-resistant?

Most of the bags are indeed water-resistant, but not waterproof.

Is the bag suitable for carry-on luggage on airplanes?

The bag is suitable as carry-on luggage but, depending on the airline, the bag may have to be detached and carried separately from the scooter in order to qualify as carry-on luggage. Do check ahead of time with your airline.

How much do the bags weigh?

The empty sturdy school bags weigh from 1,4 kg (3 lbs)

How much does the Rolljet skate scooter weigh?

RollJets size M weigh 2.9 kg (6.40 lbs) and size L weigh 3.1 kg (6.8 lbs)

Is this only for kids? I’m an adult, and I want one!

While the first model of Rolljet was initially conceived for children, to make travel and carrying books to and from school easier, it was immediately clear that it would be a hit with adults, too. So yes, the RJ-L, RJ-XL, RJ-LBLB and RJ-e are expressly for adults, and there is a range of bags to suit adult and professional aesthetics.

What colors are available for the Rolljet?

Larger sizes of Rolljets are available only in black, but the M size are available in a wide variety of colors (please see the relevant page of this site).

What is the maximum height for a Rolljet rider?

Model M Rolljets have various levels of the handlebar to accommodate riders of varying and growing heights: • Level One (bottom hole, the lowest level of the handlebar) for users from 100 to 110 cm tall (3.28 to 3.60 ft) • Level Two – for users up to 130 cm (4 ft) tall • Level Three – for users up to 155 cm (5 ft) tall • Level Four – for users up to 180 cm (5.90 ft) tall

Model L Rolljet: • Level One (bottom hole) – to be used only when folded into rolling luggage • Level Two – for users up to 130 cm (4 ft) tall • Level Three – for users up to 160 cm (5.24 ft) tall • Level Four – for users up to 190 cm (6.23 ft) tall

Who is the inventor of Rolljet?

The inventor is Tomaz Ham, a Slovenian sportsman, businessman and inventor of various other successful products, including the best-selling SpinaliS ergonomic office chairs.

Is the Rolljet official bag the only type that can be attached to the Rolljet skate scooter?

Yes, only Rolljet bags are equipped with the mechanism to attach and detach from the Rolljet skate scooter.