The team behind the sceenes

Tomaž was already a successful inventor, having patented an award-winning office chair that promotes healthy, “active sitting,” called SpinaliS. Since SpinaliS is all about back health, Tomaž was concerned when his children entered elementary school and were being asked to carry their books to and from school each day in oversized, over-heavy backpacks. It looked like a backache waiting to happen. So he started brainstorming to see if there was something he could come up with to allow his kids to transport their backpacks more comfortably and easily.






Coming from a background as an enthusiastic skateboarder (and kiteboarder and general athlete on wheeled vehicles),
Tomaž conceived of a new type of kick scooter that would differ in several ways from everything else on the market at the time.

1. It would be more akin to a skateboard, than a scooter.

2. It would have a removable backpack that allows the scooter to carry the bag’s weight.

3. It would be light and foldable, so it could accompany his kids through the halls at school, not just bringing them to the door.


Years were spent in research and development, working as a team of three former skateboarders - Tomaž, Denis and Goran - all of them fathers of young children, all of them (ageing) athletes, and all with a similar open mind and clever engineering prowess.







After many variations, it was mission accomplished! RollJet has been a huge success among school children, but it also seemed practical (and fun) for adults, and now has users of all ages.