One would say, it‘s only rock and roll


Business or Pleasure...or Both


You can indeed have both. Visit a local market in-between meetings, hit the gym after lectures or zip around the lines at the airport with a RollJet and its removable bag in lieu of your carry-on luggage for short business trips.
Business and pleasure do not need to be mutually exclusive. No one said that moving around town with a bag has to be cumbersome and slow.

What if your bag could propel you around town, moving you smoothly from meeting to party time, from the train station to the center of town, from the school run to a grocery run, from Customs to your boarding gate?

Now it can...


Combined mobility

First kick off from you doorstep, then hop on a bus or train, take a car-share or the subway, with your leg-powered vehicle folded alongside you.

Then in a single motion unfold it and kick on towards your final destination. Sure you could walk, but it's so much faster (and more fun) to skate-scoot your way around town.


Bags for Every Style


Business or casual, sporty or elegant, we have them all. We’re sure you can find your perfect match...

among the endless designs for our removable bags, which follow the latest fashion trends. Each RollJet is designed to accomodate special removable bags--from backpacks to school bags to business models--that click into the place on the front of the RollJet, with the RollJet bearing the bag's weight. Then click to remove the bag, throw it over your shoulder, and you're off.