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The fastest
bag in town

RollJet Rocks!
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City buses stop almost as soon as they drive off. Cars are driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic all day. How about you? You speed past fast on RollJet, feeling free. All you need is in your bag. With RollJet you are always the first to reach your destination.



Imagine yourself with a heavy school-bag in a place where skating is not allowed. No problem – at school or in a mall RollJet simply transforms into a comfortable bag on wheels.


Even in the city you may find yourself on a terrain, where the wheels are defeated. At this point, you simply fold your RollJet, throw it on your shoulder and overcome the obstacle in no time.


We all need some time for recreation and pleasure! Take the backpack off your RollJet and indulge yourself a skater trick or take a ride to have some fun with your friends.


RollJet – The fastest bag in town®