Free returns & same day shipping

Easy free returns

RollJet is a premium product in which we have invested a lot of love, research and development since 2011. We put hours of effort into each component, so we believe that after the first ride with RollJet, you will no longer want to part with it. However, if you wish to return your RollJet, we provide free return shippment and a full refund within 30 days from the date of purchase.

The following conditions must be met for a full refund:

  • RollJet scooter and bag are in perfect condition, without any damage, scratches or stains
  • You have tested RollJet in the interior of your home, on an upholstered surface (carpet or parquet) and wheels have no traces of use
  • RollJet is returned in its original, undamaged packaging

How to initiate a refund process?
Send your return application request, filled with your data to  . Within 3 working days, the courier of the partner courier service will pick up RollJet at the desired address. Each returned RollJet will then be inspected by our service team and if it meets all the return conditions listed above, we will transfer the full refund within 10 days via the payment method selected when ordering (if you paid by credit card, we will transfer refund to the same card).

In the event that RollJet is not in perfect condition, we will evaluate the value of the refund in accordance with internal rules and price lists. We would like to inform you that the deadlines for issuing refund depend on the transit time that our partner courier service needs to return the package to our headquarters in Ljubljana.

If you need any additional help, you can contact us on + 386 1 242 0870 or write to us at  with the subject RETURN / REFUND.

We dispatch the same day

Get your Rolljet and bag fast. If you order and pay for your RollJet until 11:00 (11AM) your order will be shipped via our courier the same day.

A tracking code will be sent to you when the courier provides all the information. With this code you will be able to track the order. Delivery time varies but customers usually receive their RollJet and bag in 7 (seven) working day.