Rolljet Electro scooter

Coming soon

This is the one you’ve all been waiting for. Our traditional kick-powered skate scooters are such a big hit that we decided to add a feature to them, one that scores of customers have inquired about, but which was long in the making. There are plenty of electric scooters on the market, but none like this. It’s everything you know and love in the classic Rolljet, but now with the added option of letting a powerful, long-lasting rechargeable battery kick in when your legs get tired of kicking. A longer commute? A steeper slope? Just want to cruise? Go green, go smooth, go wild with Rolljet Electro. It’s the perfect, emission-free vehicle for local travel, alternating between leg-power and electro-power. Get to school, to work, to fun with ease. Let the Rolljet carry the weight and even carry you, anywhere you’d like to go. It’s easy with Rolljet Electro.

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