Rolljet school bag A

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Price: 64,00€

The original classic. It’s functional, sleek, minimalist, universally cool. Boys and girls find this equally appealing, understated and ideal for letting the bag recede and allowing your personal style to shine through. Or you can consider it a blank slate to decorate as you see fit. It’s meant for school, but it’s ace enough for adults to use with pride. This is the core RollJet bag, and it will remain on top of it’s game forever.!!

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  • RJSC-A/BLK - black


This is the classic, the one upon which an empire was built. It’s built to last, too, with a reinforced backpack, ready for hard-wearing. The inner space is plenty big (23 liters), but you’ve also got a pair of outer pockets and comfortable shoulder straps that can be tucked away in special pockets, when you don’t need them. Rubberized zippers are durable and the look of this baby is simple, beautiful, eternal. The only school backpack you’ll ever need.





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