Rolljet school bag D

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Price: 109,00€

Your bag can be a blank slate, keeping it simple, or you can go the opposite way—using the bag as your fashion statement. This is for the fashionistas out there, those bold enough to let their bag shout for them. Choose from a vast array of crazy patterns and colors, whichever one speaks to you most. You’re not afraid to show who you are, to do your own thing, to be whoever you want to be, and that’s what makes you cool. This bag is a part of that, and can become a part of you. It doesn’t just hold everything you need, it shows the world whatever you want to show.

    Choose pattern:
  • black/pink
  • black/blue
  • black/gray
  • TR47 - Cammo Classic
  • TR22 - Blue Gepard
  • TR17 - Gepard
  • TR25 - Plates
  • TR42 - Butterflies
  • TR26 - Math
  • TR30 - Nautic
  • TR38 - Black Rose
  • TR24 - Ninja Leo
  • TR84 - Number
  • TR83 - Tags
  • TR82 - Peace
  • TR81 - AllStar
  • TR12 - Piton
  • TR37 - White Rose
  • TR46 - Cammo Silver
  • TR51 - Pepita Pink
  • TR52 - Pepita Blue
  • TR75 - Splash
  • TR27 - SnakeLips
  • TR00 - RollJet
    Choose handle:
  • Standard handle D
  • With extendable handle D


Once you’ve picked your preferred design, open up the backpack and see all the goodies inside. Three exterior pockets, a spacious 29-liter interior divided into three section (plus inserts for money, keys, a pen—or mascara, as the case may be), a net side pocket for water bottles, stowaway pockets to tuck in the straps when you don’t need them. Your friends will admire the look and functionality (if you’ve got practically-minded friends, which we’re sure you do)!





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