Rolljet school bag B

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Price: 110,00€

We understand that you like a sleek, classic look but you want something a little bit different. A pattern that draws the eye and prompts you to take a closer look. This is the one for you, a step more complex than School Bag A, but nevertheless understated. You can choose among some pretty cool logos and designs, too, whether you opt for our ace logo, that melts away into a geometric pattern that intrigues and makes you want to see more, or one of the other variations. Top that off with a generous size and an array of zippered pockets, including a sweet slash pocket right across the front, and you’ve got a bag that shouts cool.

    Choose pattern:
  • BTR76 - lace
  • BTR60 - UK News
  • BTR75 - Splash
  • BTR27 - SnakeLips
  • BTR26 - Math
  • BTR00 - RollJet
    Choose handle:
  • With extendable handle B
  • Standard handle B


This bag has all the durability and features of our classic, but you can choose from a variety of more intricate and stand-out designs. The interior space, divided in two, accommodates 25 liters, and you’ll also find 3 outer pockets handy for whatever you want to grab quickly. Stash a water bottle in the side web pocket, and your straps will slip into stowaway spaces until you need them next.





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