Rolljet urban Backpack A

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This one is for the ladies, and it screams sophistication. We get it, you love the practicality of scooting around town. RollJet skate scooters are fun and easy to use and make urban travel a cinch. But you’re also a grownup and want a bag that will not look too student-y, a bag that can accompany you shopping, out to dinner, to the movies, or even to a meeting, and never look out of place. This bag is for the fashion-forward woman, who is also practical enough to know that RollJet-ing around the city is a great way to move.

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  • RJBP-U/LE - Elegant


You’re an elegant woman, but you’re also practical, athletic and clever. You want urban mobility and you’re not afraid to use your legs, but you want convenience and an appropriate look, too. We’ve got you covered, with this artificial leather backpack, featuring a pair of interior pockets (10 liters’ worth), and a pair of stowaway strap pockets to keep your bag sleek, when it’s not on your back.






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