Rolljet urban backpack C

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When you’ve got a bag full of stuff, the easiest way to access it is via a “big mouth” top that yawns open. Bicycle messengers have known this all along, and so this bag is modelled on backpacks worn by urban bike messengers. A sturdy and snazzy metallic clip guarantees that everything will remain in place, effectively locking the zipper across the top, which can open up wide to reveal all the goodies that you keep inside. The bag is sleep in design, classic black, suitable for men and women of all ages. You simply can’t go wrong, whether you’re a bike messenger, traveling by foot or car, or—coolest of all—by RollJet.

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  • RJBP-U/HBLK - Hipster, black


When you’re cruising urban environments, we’re sure that you’ll have a laptop with you, and this bag has sleeves for 13” or 15” computers. Remain sleek with a gap for your headphone wire to slide out—and no worries if you’ve switched to Bluetooth earbuds, because the same slot can accommodate a USB charger to keep your batteries full. This bag looks like leather, but no animals were involved (artificial leather looks just as good these days). Inside you’ll find a big inner pocket (around 16-liter capacity), as well as a pair of outer pockets and stowaway slots for your straps. All you need, the way you want to look.



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