Rolljet urban backpack B

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Is there anything cooler than this bag? We may have designed it (and so we might be prejudiced) but we think this is as cool as it gets. Shiny, sleek black, loads of practical pockets, a futuristic, Blade Runner, military vibe, but hugely practical, with all the bells and whistles, from laptop slot to holes for plugs and headphones. From the streets of Tokyo to the backstreets of Brooklyn, this bag is all that and a bag of chips, as the saying goes. For a college student or a young businessman, you can find no finer accompaniment to your RollJet than this puppy. 

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  • BRBLK - Blade Runner, black


Program, surf, write, email or even hack your way around town, with slots for 13-15” laptops, and a gap for wire control—whether you use it for headphones or charging, it’s up to you, but there when you need it. Made of artificial glossy leather, this Bladerunner-ready bag has an inside storage space that you can fill with 10 liters of whatever suits you, divided into two sections, to keep your stuff organized. Three external pockets allow your phone, wallet, keys, whatever you need to remain handy and accessible. And a pair of hidden stowaway pockets will make your backpack straps disappear on command.



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