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GENERAL BUSINESS TERMS AND CONDITIONS HAM d.o.o., Gerbičeva uica 102, Ljubljana

Business Identification Card:

Full company name: HAM, proizvodnja stolov SpinaliS, d.o.o. (HAM, production of SpinaliS chairs, d.o.o.)

Short name: HAM d.o.o.
Legal status: Limited Liability Company (d.o.o.)
The registered office of the company: Gerbičeva ulica 102, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe
Executive director: Mr. Tomaž Ham
Company filing number: Register of Companies – Srg 2008/37224
Company establishment date: 1990
Company registration number: 5376491000
VAT reference number: SI70000891
Initial capital: 8.810,00 €
Current account number; IBAN code: SI56290000059862631

T: +386 (0)1 242 08 70
Mobile phone: + 386 051 677 810
E: info@rolljet.com

The subject and the idea of commercial transaction:
RollJet kick scooter with the bag was developed, patented and protected by HAM d.o.o..
RollJet is intended for people, who want to move around urban areas swiftly and simply.

Orders, prices, and delivery period:
Ways to order RollJet:

By ordering the product the customers thereby acknowledge they have read, and accept the terms and conditions of HAM d.o.o., published on our web page: https://www.rolljet.com/

The orders should include all requested data:

Purchase by natural persons:

Purchase by legal persons:

Prices and delivery period: / 23rd and 26th paragraph of The Law on Consumer Protection
The prices on our web page are retail prices VAT included (22 %). HAM d.o.o. reserve the right to amend the prices regardless of the published amount on the web page, wherein the amended prices are valid from the date of publication onward.

Discounts are not cumulative. The customer benefits from one discount or coupon at a one-time purchase. The company considers the highest currently valid discount. The discount is applicable only with the concurrent purchase of set i.e. kick scooter and RollJet bag. Discounts or coupons can in no case be exchanged for cash.

The delivery period for products held in stock is immediate and after payment respectively. For special models, the delivery date depends on customer’s requirements and may take up to 30 business days. The time for delivery starts running form the day of payment of the product. HAM d.o.o. will under no circumstances be liable for the delay in the delivery of the product.

Methods of payment:
Pro forma invoice payment: / article 41st of The Law on Consumer Protection

After completing and sending your web order, in the next few days you will receive a pro forma invoice with an estimated delivery date. After the receipt of payment to our current account within the agreed deadline, the ordered products will be prepared, and you will be notified about the reception or delivery of the products, generally within less than 3 business days.

Payment upon the collection of the goods in the showroom:
Your order can be paid upon the collection of the product in our showroom either with cash or credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Karanta, Diners Card).

Collection of goods:
When the product is ready, you will be notified in the agreed manner. The product will be delivered by a specialized courier service, who deliver the goods on business days Monday till Friday. Such delivery is to be charged according to the current delivery price list. Liabilities for any possible difficulties with the delivery company (time, type of delivery), or if the package is not delivered on time to the agreed address, is on the part of the courier services; by all means, HAM d.o.o. will always intervene in favor of the purchaser.

RollJet kick scooters are packed in cardboard boxes and are already completely assembled. The cardboard contains RollJet scooter and/or bag and a User Manual.

Guarantees for flaws:/ 37th paragraph of The Law on Consumer Protection:
Upon the collection of RollJet the customer has an obligation to thoroughly visually and mechanically examine the product and must describe in writing any possible obvious factual errors. The complaint will be sent to HAM d.o.o. within a period of five (5) days at the latest starting from the moment the product was collected. About any possible hidden flaws, which couldn’t be observed within the normal examination upon collection, the customer must notify HAM d.o.o. in writing within a period of five (5) days at the latest starting from the moment when the customer noticed the flaw, however not later than 6 (six) months from the moment the product was collected. Otherwise, the customer will lose this right.

From the day when the customer collected the product until the period of one year HAM d.o.o. ensure that RollJet must be consistent with the specifications for RollJet, which were applicable at the time of purchase and were defined on web page www.rolljet.com or another adequate web page of HAM d.o.o., respectively.

The indicated assurance and guaranty explicitly do not apply to textile and/or any other materials covering the usable area of RollJets or bags, as well as the parts, which are subject to normal wear and tear. Hereby, the customers in this context, explicitly acknowledge that RollJets and bags are handmade and/or made from natural materials.  Consequently, this applies to possible minor cosmetic flaws (such as different color shades of materials, minor sewing faults due to sewing the materials of different structures, the expansion/shrinkage of materials, minor creases of materials, cosmetic flaws on the metal welds and the like), which cannot be avoided due to manufacture handmaking and/or materials’ own characteristics. Therefore, the customers acknowledge such products will not be considered faulty.

The normal lifetime of products considering normal usage is a minimum of three years.

Due to the nature of materials from which RollJet is made,  the manufacturer advises and recommends that the kick scooter be regularly checked according to maintanance section of the user manual, and when necessary, replace the excessively worn parts.

In the case of a justifiable complaint, the manufacturer will guarantee to notify the buyer within 8 days at the latest and repair the product within 45 days at the latest from the day of customer’s filing the claim. If the product is not repaired within this time limit, the manufacturer will replace it with a new one. / 39th paragraph of The Law on Consumer Protection.

Spare parts and service will be available at least 3 years from the date of purchase.

Warranty and guarantee do not apply in the case of mechanical damage, incorrect usage, negligent maintenance or interventions by unauthorized persons, and in absence of approved guarantee certificate and invoice.

In addition to the consumers’ rights the above-mentioned guarantee is valid and derives from seller’s liability for any defects of the product.

The above-mentioned guarantee is offered by the manufacturer in the countries with an established network of authorized retailers.

For service please contact your seller.

RollJet is a premium product in which we have invested a lot of love, research and development since 2011. We put hours of effort into each component, so we believe that after the first ride with RollJet, you will no longer want to part with it. However, if you wish to return your RollJet, we provide free return shippment and a full refund within 30 days from the date of purchase.

The following conditions must be met for a full refund:

How to initiate a refund process?
Send your return application request, filled with your data to info@rolljet.com  . Within 3 working days, the courier of the partner courier service will pick up RollJet at the desired address. Each returned RollJet will then be inspected by our service team and if it meets all the return conditions listed above, we will transfer the full refund within 10 days via the payment method selected when ordering (if you paid by credit card, we will transfer refund to the same card).

In the event that RollJet is not in perfect condition, we will evaluate the value of the refund in accordance with internal rules and price lists. We would like to inform you that the deadlines for issuing refund depend on the transit time that our partner courier service needs to return the package to our headquarters in Ljubljana.

If you need any additional help, you can contact us on + 386 1 242 0870 or write to us at info@rolljet.com  .

Repair of the goods – service:
In the case of RollJet failure, the repair and maintenance services are carried out in the works premises at Gerbičeva ulica 102 in Ljubljana. Considering that HAM d.o.o. are also the manufacturer of RollJets all the spare parts are held in stock. Should the model of RollJet with failure no longer be manufactured, HAM d.o.o. reserve the right to install a more recent spare part. HAM d.o.o. also reserve the right to replace the fabric that is no longer in regular offering with the fabric from the latest regular production.

In the event of a recognized breakdown or faulty operation of RollJet within the warranty period the defect will be eliminated by the manufacturer free of charge, and under the warranty terms.

In case of a defect, after the warranty period has expired, the costs of repair will be charged to the consumer under the current price list.

Service & Repair of RollJet:
In the event of a breakdown or faulty operation of RollJet the customer can check our website maintenance section to find all spare parts which can be replaced by customer.

In the event of a major breakdown, customer sends a service request email with the following information:

– copy of invoice

– description and photo of issue

– how this issue happened

Request will be reviewed by a HAM d.o.o.’s technician, who will establish whether the issue in question is still within the warranty period or the repair is payable.

Repair process can be implemented in two ways:

  1. The customer can send the goods at their own expense to the address: HAM d.o.o., Gerbičeva 102, Ljubljana, Slovenia – EU, where the issue is eliminated, and the goods are sent back to the sender via specialized courier service: A-if issue was solved under warranty, we will return RollJet for free , B-if issue is not covered by warranty, we will issue an invoice including shipment.
  2. The broken part can be ordered through the online application form and HAM d.o.o. will send the adequate part to the desired address. In this case, the broken part is replaced by the customer using the guide in the manual, which is the essential part of the Instruction Manual, or video manual, respectively, which is available on rolljet.com web page.

In any case, HAM d.o.o.’s liability is limited to replacement or repair of the subject products. This applies particularly in the case of any infringement of obligation and/or HAM d.o.o. guarantee in accordance with these General business terms and conditions.

In no case HAM d.o.o. will be accountable for possible loss of profit, reputation or any other indirect and/or resulting loss (not only the loss and/or damage the customer could suffer as a result of potential claims of a third party, irrespective of the fact that such a loss could have possibly and reasonably been foreseen and/or that HAM d.o.o. was informed about its possible emergence).

Under no circumstances, HAM d.o.o. are liable for any injuries of the user, participant, and/or damages of the things in relation to RollJet.

HAM d.o.o. do not ensure that the RollJets are suitable for any unintended use.

All the conditions, warranties, obligations and other provisions that any applicable law may impose, and which apply for this General business conditions, are hereby excluded at the highest admissible extent.

HAM d.o.o. are and will always remain the owner, holder and the sole beneficiary of their reputation, added value in this Title, all intellectual property rights and/or know-how related to RollJet and all their products, respectively.

RollJet is not intended to perform jumps and stunts! The correct and proper use of RollJet is described in the User Manual attached to every kick scooter and bag, and are also available on the web page www.rolljet.com.

All promotional and documentary photos and films were shot during RollJet testing at the maximum strain, therefore such use of RollJet is not allowed!

Mechanical damages caused by performing stunts and jumps are not covered by warranty.

All rights related to any internet domain and linked to the brand name RollJet are explicitly reserved by HAM d.o.o.. In case that any domain related to the above-mentioned was registered to the name of the buyer and/or to the name of the third person by order and/or in any (direct, indirect, explicitly or implicitly, without restriction) relation to the customer, it will be considered, that by purchasing RollJet the customer gave their irrevocable and unconditional consent to transfer all/any such domain to HAM d.o.o. free of charge. In case that any domain was registered in the name of the third person for the customer’s account, the customer commits to obtaining all declarations and/or consents from the stated third person, or anything necessary for the entire transfer of the stated domains (back) to HAM d.o.o., respectively.

The customer acknowledges that intellectual rights of HAM d.o.o. will under no circumstances and on no condition be transferred to or be shared with the customer. Consequently, under these General business terms and conditions, purchasing RollJet and/or by any other means, the customer will not be granted any rights and entitlements, respectively.

Force majeure: HAM d.o.o. will not be held liable for any infringement of obligation under this Treaty and General conditions respectively, in an event of force majeure, i.e. for the reasons outside their influence. In any such example, HAM d.o.o. will without hesitation in written notice inform the counterparty and describe the incidence of force majeure and consequently their inability to fulfill their obligations for this reason. In this case, all measures and procedures will be carried out by HAM d.o.o. to minimize the effects of the incidence of force majeure. Should the case of force majeure last longer than (3) months, HAM d.o.o. or the customer may terminate the contract. Neither party will be liable for terminating the contract for the incidence of force majeure.

Protection of personal data:

HAM d.o.o. hereby declare that they comply with the mandatory rules and criteria to safeguard the privacy and security for the protection of personal data.

The entry of personal data in the web shop or registration is necessary and needed solely to perform these tasks correctly in case the customer decides to purchase the product. HAM d.o.o. hereby declare that personal data will never be provided, sold or hired out to any third party or in any other way be inadequately managed.

Only when necessary, under the law or in good faith, the data will be disclosed by HAM d.o.o. in order to:

We strive to protect your personal data from loss, abuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, change or destruction. The data are stored on password-protected servers with limited access. The online shopping center provides an adequate protection level for personal data and respects your choices for the intended use.

Before placing the order, the customers are invited to tick a box to confirm their agreement with the business terms and thereby permit HAM d.o.o. in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data to collect, store, process and use the received data for the purposes of fulfilling the order of products and services, as well as to supply the information about products.

Any possible misunderstanding will be resolved under mutually agreed conditions and in good faith by both contracting parties. In case this could not be attained, all other disputes in respect of this contract/general business terms will come within the jurisdiction of the court in Ljubljana – The Republic of Slovenia. 

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I hereby accept the business terms and conditions and understand that by online purchase on the web page www.rolljet.si (Ham d.o.o.) my personal data will be carefully protected in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data. The personal data provided for online purchase will be used only and explicitly to process this order and will not be used for promotional intentions of any kind, will not be used for further processing and will not be transmitted to a third person. At any time, I can request my personal data be deleted from HAM d.o.o. database with a written request sent to info@ham.si.  When buying online, HAM d.o.o. apply the stringent system of order confirmation (the so-called opt-in system), which means that the online purchase must be confirmed by a message sent to the e-mail address, provided in the online form.

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